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A Reliable Bail Bondsman in Arkansas

Getting arrested is a scary prospect. The process usually involves being handcuffed, placed in a police department patrol car, taken to the jail, and placed in a holding cell. Depending on the arrest time, you could spend hours in custody until your first appearance in front of a judge. The judge may release you on bail that you have to pay before you can leave the jail. Cover the cost of your bail with services from a seasoned bail bondsman in Arkansas.

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At First Step Bail Bonds Co., Inc., we understand the urgency when someone wants to get bailed out of jail. You want to get out of that holding cell, pay the clerk, and go home. Rely on us to be available when you need a bond 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also offer affordable rates so that you or your family does not have to go broke to secure your release.

Our office works with First Arkansas Bail Bonds to offer clients the most efficient bail bonding services possible. Contact us for a fast response to your inquiries about bail bonds, rates, and more.