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Setting a Reasonable Bail Bond Premium in Arkansas

When you are seeking the freedom of a friend or family member in jail, turn to First Step Bail Bonds Co., Inc. We will guide and support you while working within the legal system to help your loved one get out on bail.

Bail is the figure set by the court for the individual’s release. It is based on their flight risk and takes into account the nature of the charges, the person’s criminal history, and any evidence. Our bail bond premium in Arkansas is 10% of the bond’s face amount plus state fees. It is what we charge for our services.

We understand that it is not easy to come up with what may be a substantial amount of money as part of the bail bonding process, and that is where we can help. Rather than you having to raise the full bail amount, once you pay the premium, our bond agents work hard, so the person is freed from jail. The individual is often released within one to two hours of posting bond and completing jail paperwork and processing.

The justice system never closes, and neither do we.

First Step Bail Bonds Co., Inc. is ready around the clock to provide the bail bonds services you need. You can contact us at any time to help free a friend or loved one from jail.