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Information on Bail Bond Collateral in Arkansas

It is never a comfortable prospect to receive a phone call from a friend or relative saying they are in jail. Being charged with a crime can be a stressful experience, and it is only made worse when the accused cannot make the bail payment. There is no need to worry about making bail as long as you have a trustworthy team by your side.

At First Step Bail Bond Co., Inc., we make it easy to make the payment. We help you choose bail collateral in Arkansas that best fits the situation at hand. Our team will help you make the initial payments so that your friend can leave jail and plan for whatever is ahead.

A Bail Bondsman Helps You Meet Collateral

When a person is booked and charged with an offense, the judge will post a bail amount. This amount is determined by the number of charges, the severity of the offenses, and other extenuating factors such as an existing criminal history. More often than not, the bond amount can exceed the amount of cash that the accused or their family members may have. That’s where our bail bondsman may assist you.

Collateral can be used in place of cash or credit cards to meet a bond amount. Before paying the bail bondsman, they will work with you to find a payment option that fits the situation. Arkansas recognizes the following as acceptable collateral

Real Estate


Personal Valuables

A lien will be placed in the name of the bail bond company. The lien will be the amount of the bond. Virtually any kind of automobile may be used as collateral, so long as the title is in the name of the defendant or the cosigner or the bond. The value of the vehicle must be worth at least the amount of the bond. You can also offer valuable items like jewelry or artwork to satisfy the bail bond payment arrangements. This option may require working with an appraiser to determine the value of the things you are putting up for collateral.

If you feel overwhelmed about using real property or collecting rings to meet the bond amount, there is no need to worry. Our bail bond company accepts other forms of payment. We accept most major credit cards. For your convenience, we also offer payment plans for most bonds. Altogether, we strive to provide many options to help people out during a troubling time.

Bailing out your friends and loved ones can give them time to settle their personal matters before appearing before the court. Contact our bail bond company to learn about bail bond payment options.